Green Line Extension
Suzanne Bremer will represent our community to the City, State and Federal agencies and help bring this vital public transportation project to our city.

Union Square Redevelopment
Suzanne Bremer will work to immediately improve pedestrian safety, support local, independent businesses and advocate for affordable housing for middle class families.

Neighborhood Streets
Suzanne Bremer will advocate for traffic calming measures, sensible parking regulation and better tree coverage for our streets.

Pedestrian Safety in Union Square – We need better crosswalks, signs and traffic signals to improve safety for pedestrians, bicyclists and drivers. These improvements will make our streets more attractive and inviting, which is good for property values and local businesses.

Climate Change – With predictions of extreme weather, we must
· Improve drainage of the Millers River watershed to prevent future flooding,
· Plant trees to lower summer air temperatures, and
· Provide residents with resources to reduce energy consumption.

Local Businesses and Local Jobs – Money spent at locally owned businesses stays in the local economy by the power of three. It is in our economic best interests to support independent, locally owned businesses. Hiring Somerville residents must be a priority for all who seek to build and do business in our city.

Building Community – With regular office hours, open forums, newsletters and e-mail updates, Alderman Bremer will engage everyone as we continue to create a better Somerville. Together we will be a strong voice at City Hall.

VOTE for Suzanne Bremer, Ward 3 Alderman, Tuesday, November 5th